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Starting in 2012 this was the Omega Legal Marketing website offering individualized marketing solutions for small law firms in New York, New Jersey, and southern Connecticut. Several iterations and several years later they created a new fresh look for this site. And then the domain's registration was not renewed and the site disappeared from the web. The Omega Legal Marketing blog site is still live, but the last posts were in 2015, while the last posts on their Facebook pages are from 2014. Draw your own conclusions.
Content below is from the site's 2012-2015 archived pages. 

2015 Content

Omega Legal Marketing is a different kind of law firm website design and small law firm marketing company.  We will learn your practice and put together a custom marketing program to meet your needs and your budget. We offer a full range of small law firm marketing programs and services. Just want us to build a new website? Fine. Want an ongoing program to attract new business? Great! We'll work with you to structure what works for yo

Affordable Small Law Firm Marketing That Works

Tired of the expensive cookie cutter "solutions" offered by large, impersonal law firm marketing companies? Don't want to be just one of hundreds of firms who are "handled" by a staff of low-level operatives in some distant office who provide you with rote content and "services"? Tired of spending a lot of money every month without real results? Ready for a personalized, effective approach to small law firm website design and small law firm marketing?

If so, it's time for you to talk to Omega Legal Marketing. We are an owner-operated business that provides personal service and true custom solutions for small and medium size law firms in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We are lawyers and small business entrepreneurs with years of business marketing experience. We will put that experience to work for you. 

Websites and a Lot More

We can build you a clean, attractive, well-performing small law firm website, or we can redesign and rebuild your existing site. We'll make sure it is optimized for mobile viewing. We'll put your site on an easy to use DIY platform so you can make changes or add content whenever you want. We'll even show you how to do it. We also offer a full range of small law firm marketing services to help you grow your practice. Take a look at the list to the right to see what we can do for you. 

Affordable Solutions To Meet Your Needs and Your Budget

We will develop a program that meets your needs, on your budget. We won't try to sell you a package of expensive products or services. We won't lock you into any long-term commitments, or commitments of any type, for that matter. We'll meet with you on a no-charge, no obligation basis to understand your practice and your goals, then give you a proposal on how to achieve your objectives

If you're ready to try our affordable, no-risk approach, contact us to find out how we can help you. It won't cost you anything, and you just might find the right answer for your firm. Use the form on the left, or call us at (800) 747-0142.

Omega Legal Marketing is a different kind of law firm website design and small law firm marketing company.  We will learn your practice and put together a custom marketing program to meet your needs and your budget. We offer a full range of small law firm marketing programs and services. Just want us to build a new website? Fine. Want an ongoing program to attract new business? Great! We'll work with you to structure what works for you! 


An Observation: Jump to 2020: I was writing content for a client website for a legal practice serving injured workers New Orleans, Louisiana where the main topic was maritime law. I learned that their client base were maritime workers on rigs and vessels that get injured on the job and need legal help to force their employers to provide recovery assistance. These large companies do not willing help their employees without some legal pressure and many would never provide settlements without that pressure. Kind of disturbing and points to the need for attorneys in this niche industry. Writing content for websites forces me to learn the background information so the articles can convey useful information that will actually help explain and clarify issues important to the readers.

2020 has been a totally surreal year with the Covid 19 pandemic hitting in March. Fortunately my profession lends itself easily to virtual meetings. Cases can be filed electronically and because of the Covid 19 pandemic there were no in person trials, at least in my field of law.

The work I did for helped them not only attract clients, but also improved their ranks. I hope they remain successful as well. Omega Legal Marketing lasted only three plus years.



Our Services

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How We Work For You

We are a hands-on, owner-operated small law firm website design and small law firm marketing company offering personalized service and customized programs and solutions. Our approach to small law firm marketing is based on understanding your practice and your goals, and constructing a program that works for you.

Personalized Service
We will come to your office and talk to you. There is no charge and no obligation. We don’t send a salesperson or an intern. One of our principals will visit you, so we can get a meaningful picture of you and your practice. We will ask a lot of questions - what are your strengths and weaknesses, who are your clients, what are your goals, who do you know, how do you get business now? We need to learn who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Custom Programs To Fit Your Needs & Budget

Then we will put together a proposal for a small law firm marketing program to meet your individual needs. In English, not business school techno speak. And we won't try to sell you anything. If you just need a small law firm website, we'll put together an attractive, affordable, effective site. If you want to engage in small law firm web marketing, we'll give you all the options. If you want your marketing program to include networking and referral strategies, publicity-generating ideas and other components, we'll provide you with ideas and solutions. You decide what you want to spend and how to allocate your marketing dollars. 

No Surprises & No Commitments

We'll lay out all the costs in advance. There will be no long term commitments or other obligations. We will work with you on a month by month basis. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you. If we are continuing to produce the results you want, we expect that you will continue to use our services. But if we aren’t meeting your expectations, you can end the relationship on 30 days notice.

We can provide all the small law firm marketing services you will need - web design and content, social media utilization, search engine optimization, networking and referral strategies, firm branding, on-line advertising - the works. You decide. It will be affordable; we work on a monthly budget set by you. We do the work ourselves, not some unseasoned novices. Backed by a team of experienced specialists who work directly under our supervision, we will give you benefits of big-company resources at a small firm price.

Who We Are

We've brought decades of business and entrepreneurial marketing experience to small law firm marketing. Here's who we are and what we've done.

Arnie Baum

Arnie Baum practiced law for 11 years, mainly as the general counsel of two publicly-traded companies. In 1991, he bought a small manufacturing company in the paper products industry. During the 1990s, he grew the business substantially by using a variety of niche marketing strategies and techniques that enabled it to succeed against giant corporate competitors. In 1997, he merged his company with a subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar international paper conglomerate, with which he formed a joint venture to exploit the U.S. market. After the joint venture was sold in the mid 2000s, Mr. Baum formed a specialty sales and marketing company. Utilizing many of the marketing techniques he learned throughout his career, this firm quadrupled in size over the ensuing six years. In late 2011, he began providing some of his marketing expertise to several small law firms, and realized that there is an absence of legal marketing firms focused on servicing solo practitioners and small firms in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut market. He then formed Omega Legal Marketing to fill that void.

Bill Robinson

Bill Robinson is an expert web developer and Internet marketing specialist. He worked in New York radio for over 20 years as a producer and in sales and marketing. He helped launch the popular smooth jazz station CD 101.9 and produced morning shows hosted by the legendary Isaac Hayes and comedian D.L. Hughley. He’s also worked for MTV and VH1 and produced syndicated radio shows that aired all over the U.S. and Japan.  Bill has been involved in web development and marketing since the beginning (his first computer was a Commodore 64). With the advent of the Internet, Bill began developing websites and Internet marketing programs for radio stations. When KISS FM first launched their web site, Bill was responsible for maintaining and updating their content on a daily basis. He also helped launch a Groupon-like startup and has worked as a consultant on social media applications. Bill is an in-demand web designer, web editor and copywriter. 


We have assembled an advisory board possessing a broad range of experience in the legal, business and marketing fields. We are fortunate to be able to tap into the expertise of these top-notch professionals.

Alan Robert Ginsberg

Alan Robert Ginsberg is an attorney with decades of financial and business experience. He spent 20 years in management positions with major Wall Street firms, focusing on global high yield bond markets. Most recently, he was Managing Director of global high yield bond research at Barclays Capital. In 2000, he formed Larchmont Advisors, Inc., an institutional investment advisory and management consulting firm that provides portfolio management, strategic planning, turnaround management and related services to hedge funds and other institutional investors. Mr. Ginsberg is also an accomplished historian; he has been published in The Columbia Journalism Review and various popular periodicals, and has lectured on both historical and financial topics.

 Stefanie Smentek

Stefanie Smentek is the Manager of Digital Marketing at Comcast Spotlight, the digital arm of Comcast.  She has over ten years of experience in media marketing, having previously worked for Nielsen, Dow Jones, and several independent music magazines. Her responsibilities for Comcast include developing strategy and best practices for email marketing, social media and other web and digital initiatives, including the launch of their iPad ® and mobile apps. Stefanie’s blog on Comcast Spotlight, which discusses various topics related to digital marketing and advertising, is widely read. You can find it at You can also read Comcast Spotlight’s In Focus blog, to which Stefanie regularly contributes, at

Diane Weinberg

Diane Weinberg is an industry leader in law firm niche marketing, focusing on the organization and development of large-scale legal actions. She has created and implemented marketing and advertising campaigns to organize numerous complex mass tort actions and multi-district litigations, mainly in the areas of defective drugs, defective medical devices and food poisoning. She has created successful campaigns at both the national and regional levels and has developed and managed large campaigns involving multiple law firms. Her areas of expertise include web development and content, interactive contact and case screening interfaces, on-line advertising and traditional media advertising.

Howard Weiner

Howard Weiner was a partner in a major New York City law firm, specializing in corporate and partnership mergers, acquisitions and capital formation. Since 1988, he has been a principal in a business sponsoring investment partnerships and in three businesses that own and operate retail automotive maintenance and repair centers. The centers have been operated both as franchised centers and as independents without franchise affiliation.

As a business executive, Mr. Weiner has been involved in numerous innovative marketing initiatives, including interactive point of sale computer terminals, customer database development, conventional and electronic couponing, and various targeted marketing and sales programs.


2012- 2014 Content



Practicing law is hard, demanding, time consuming work. That is particularly true in the New York / New Jersey / southern Connecticut metropolitan market, which is extremely competitive. Building a practice is especially difficult for small firms. How are you going to stand out? How are you going to develop and execute a legal marketing strategy? Big firms have their own legal marketing departments or hire expensive consultants. You don’t have the money for anything like that. Nor do you have the time to be creating web content, developing and updating search engine optimization strategies and all the myriad of other law firm marketing functions you need to grow your practice. You need a firm to be your legal marketing department, and you need a firm that can do it on a budget.



We are lawyers who transitioned into the business world. We worked in law firms and held senior counsel positions at large manufacturing, distribution and retail companies. Then we went out and bought small businesses and built them. Along the way, we learned an array of marketing techniques that enabled us to successfully compete against giant multinational corporations. These techniques translate directly to small law firm marketing. We’ll show you how they can help you to build your practice. We’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals with whom we’ve worked for years – web designers, search engine optimization experts, graphic designers, promotional companies, advertising firms, videographers – who, working under our direction, can provide all the resources you need.



Most legal marketing firms do little more than design and set up web sites. They have a template and they plug your firm into it. They operate nationally and don’t distinguish one market from another.

We’re different. We are a hands-on, owner-operated law firm marketing company that will spend the time to understand you and your practice. We will come to your office and talk to you. There is no charge and no obligation. We will ask you a lot of questions. We will put together a multi-faceted marketing program to meet your individual needs. Although the Internet will be a big part of the plan, it will be a lot more than just putting up a website. It will include networking and referral strategies, publicity-generating ideas and other more traditional (i.e., non-electronic) components. Our proposal will be in the form of a menu. You decide what you want to spend and how to allocate your marketing dollars.



We’ve spent our careers in the New York / New Jersey / southern Connecticut metropolitan market. We understand how competitive it is and how difficult it is to stand out. What works in Dallas or Atlanta may not work here. We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. We’ll bring local knowledge and experience to the table.



The law firm marketing program we design for you will not be a one-shot deal. We are not a web design firm, although web design is an important part of what we offer. We are not a web hosting company either; we can set up the web hosting for you, but we do not take a fee or markup for doing so. We will offer you real long-term solutions and ongoing services. There is no contract and no long-term commitment. It will be a month to month relationship that you can end if you ever feel it isn’t working for you.



We will come to your office. It won’t be a salesman, whose only job is to sign up as many new clients and sell as many products as possible. It will be a principal. We’ll spend about an hour (more if we need to) talking about you and your practice, what you’ve accomplished, and where you want to take your practice.

Then we will put together a multi-faceted marketing proposal to meet your individual needs. Our proposal will have two components. There will be an initial start-up phase, during which we will set up or overhaul websites and put the various pieces of the program into place. We do this on a fixed fee basis, regardless of how much time it takes. Second, there will be ongoing monitoring and updating, where we update your web content, provide new web and social media content, monitor how the program is working, provide feedback and analysis, make adjustments and changes as needed and suggest new marketing initiatives. We will continue to work with you on a month by month basis for as long as you like. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you.



Law firm marketing is an ongoing process. Websites and other electronic platforms must be constantly updated in order to retain visibility on search engines. We will work with you on a month to month basis to keep your marketing efforts fresh and relevant. You decide what you want to spend and how to allocate your marketing dollars. We’ll regularly review and analyze what is working and what isn’t. We’ll make recommendations about what components to add and which should be dropped or modified. We’ll do what you want us to do, for as long as you want us to do it. If, at any time, you don’t feel you want to continue, you can end the relationship on 30 days notice.



As a rule of thumb, big firms usually allocate 5% of their total revenues to their marketing budgets. We understand the economics of small firms and have structured our pricing accordingly. After the initial start-up work, you will have complete flexibility to design a month to month program that meets your needs and fits within your budget.