George Binakis Is A Con Man. Patrick Binakis Hangs Up On His Victims.


Taking advantage of the vulnerable

When we learned from the victims that Patrick Binakis, in response to questions about his brother George, told 3 conflicting stories to 3 different callers, we're forced to ask why he's doing this. His brother George Binakis, principal of Bespoke Contracting and Design Inc., committed serious fraud against elderly victims in New York City and when those victims reached out to him, Patrick was unwilling to provide a consistent, truthful explanation. We want investigators to find out why this is.

Swindled by George Binakis

The story of how a 70+ year old resident of NYC was swindled by George Binakis is one that should make decent people cringe. The victim had commissioned George to renovate her apartment and had paid George over $65,000 to cover advances and fees supposedly paid to subcontractors. George convinced his victim that not only was he trustworthy and ethical but he was also in poor health, suffering from a heart condition requiring a pacemaker and was seeking additional medical treatments.

Victim calls hoping George is ok, but Patrick Binakis hangs up on her

The victim so sympathized with George that when he vanished with her money, she assumed he had suffered a heart attack or other grave illness, and she ignored her friends and family who suggested that George may have conned her. She called George's brother, lawyer Patrick Paraskivas Binakis, to ask how George was doing only to be told he had no contact with him. But when she mentioned the money, Patrick hung up on her!

Conflicting stories from Patrick

Her son in law also contacted Patrick and he hung up on him. But on a later call, Patrick claimed that he had only limited contact with George. One of George's subcontractors also called and Patrick told him that George was getting better. So 3 different stories to 3 different parties.

It took these conflicting stories in addition to the abominable treatment she received from Patrick to convince her that she had been a victim of fraud and that Patrick was not an innocent bystander. His behavior suggested that he was very interested in diverting attention away from George and himself. And why the lies? The victims conclusion was that this effort to obfuscate and shield George from accountability was by itself incriminating.

Who is Patrick Binakis?

Keep a watchful eye out

Long before the scam was evident, there were some huge red flags that the victim now recognizes. For one, George insisted on checks made out to him, not his business, and those checks were cashed far away from NYC, in Richmond Virginia. He also took cash claiming that would enable him to charge less for the contracting work. And the claims that he had already paid advances to contractors was proven false when those contractors were interviewed.

Talk about your experience

From the architect on the project, the victim subsequently learned about other victims of this Binakis fraud. There may be many others. If you are aware of anyone who may have been a victim, or if you are a victim of George Binakis, or can shed any light on the fraud being perpetrated, please come forward. The publishers of this post would like to tell your story with the goal of eventually holding George accountable. If you have any information you'd like to share, go to or to read a more complete accounting of this fraud, and fill out the form. You don't have to reveal anything personal other than the fact that you were a victim of George Binakis.